These links are provided furnishing  excellently thought provoking  insights for further research and information from noted organisations in this field before you make up your own mind.

However, we cannot take responsibility for content on any other websites or links  referred to on this website.  Website assisting persons with same sex attraction live a chaste life  website for parents and friends of individuals with same sex attraction  helping persons with same sex attractions  grow in their heterosexuality  Warning, involves very explicit, graphic information.  Stark statistics and scientific information on the homosexual lifestyle   Nicaragua rejects Gay unions     New Research on Same-Sex Households Reveals Kids Do Best With Mom and Dad  succinct comment on same sex attraction  Emotional problems among children with same sex parents  Is Gay bulling a myth?  Gay activist admits marriage “equality” is about destroying marriage.  A child from a same sex household speaks   Catholic Church document on pastoral care of homosexual persons