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"Pope Francis made his famous comment "Who am I to judge?" in the context of a question on homosexuality.
The Catholic Church reminds us everyone is called to chaste "self-mastery", according to our state in life, married or single, irrespective of sex, age or orientation. There is no discrimination in this call to self mastery, it applies to everyone.

In the face of a one-sided campaign by sections of the media in promotion of the same-sex lifestyle, this website presents facts, statistics and insight into the nature of marriage between husband and wife compared to other household structures.

Then you the reader can make up your own mind.

"This is an educative, information project.  All the material collated here is already in the public realm, some of it for up to twenty-five years. Whilst the information on some of these websites and links are excellent, we cannot take responsibility for the content provided on other websites, or for statements or comments of their representatives in other contexts."


Medical, Social & Religious Implications


Risks to couples in same-sex unions


Statistics on same-sex lifestyles.

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Marriage Effect

On Children, The Family and Society


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